by Anthony Howell


1.  Homage to the Horses of Saint Petersburg:  a video made in 1999 when Anthony Howell

brought horses into the Imperial Riding School of Saint Petersburg (now the Central Exhibition Hall) for the first time since the Revolution.  12 minutes.

2. With Jayne Parker (direction):  The World Turned Upside Down (2001). A performance with dogs and with Anthony Howell (performer and choreography) and Lorna Stewart (co-performer) and featuring Mary Ray's "Quincy".

3. Phyllis and Aristotle.  A performance at Gallery 291 in 1999 by Anthony Howell, featuring Anthony Howell and Lorna Stewart.

4. The Theatre of Mistakes: Homage to Morandi, featuring Anthony Howell, Peter Stickland and Julian Maynard Smith, performed in Berlin 1981 at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien. Limited edition.

On VHS and other video formats

Grey Suit  Video for Art and Literature - editions 1 - 12.  Eleven hours of seminal video footage featuring performance artists, film-makers and poets of the 1990s.  Also available at the B.F.I. film archive. 

Many other VHS videos of other performances of Anthony Howell and of The Theatre of Mistakes are currently being made available.  By end 2010 we hope to have many more on DVD.

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